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If we want all our children to all have great teachers, we must transform how teachers are paid, trained, and retained to continue making our schools great.


We need practicing educators making the current education policies. I have the unique combination of knowing what its like to be a student and teacher at FVHS.


As great as Fountain Valley Schools already are, we can make them even greater by ensuring all students feel loved and so do all their teachers.

Meet Steve, the Next
School Board Leader

F. A 2020

Steve Schultz

Endorsed by Fountain Valley Teachers

Fountain Valley Teachers fully endorse Steve Schultz for the School Board. They believe he has what it takes to give students what they need as he would be the only acting board member who is a teacher.

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Protection of our students

I want to make sure the health of our students and our staff is number one, because nothing is more important than our health.

Offer multiple education options

I want to give our students and parents meaningful education options.

Lower homework load

By assigning less homework, you’ll likely find that students will love learning, get more sleep, enjoy themselves more with outside activities, be less overworked, and have more time to spend with family.

Reimburse teachers for classroom supplies

I want to give the students the supplies they need to have a wonderful classroom experience by reimbursing the teachers for any supplies bought for their classrom.

Focus on love

Teachers are with their students Monday through Friday for most of the year for half the day, feeling loved in an environment of teaching is important.


Endorsed By

I am endorsing Steve Schultz for School Board. I do not always agree politically with Mr. Schultz, but I feel very strong in my endorsement of him for one simple reason ... He will always act with Integrity, he is honest, open minded and most importantly because he truely loves our kids so will always make decisions based on what he believes is in the best interest of the students and their futures. Fountain Valley can do no better than Mr. Steve Schultz.

Barry Migliorini

Endorsed By

If you’re in FV, make sure to vote for Steve Schultz, my sophomore English teacher, for school board! He’s by far one of the most genuine and sincere people I’ve ever met. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my writing career. It was he who gave me the spark of writing; the power of the pen. If you enjoy my published works on my website The Dreamer’s Alchemy, then I highly suggest you support Steve Schultz for school board. Help him reach his goal, and watch how schools in the area will improve drastically in any way you can imagine. Vote for Steve Schultz

Khalid Alsadek

Endorsed By

I’d like to take a moment to endorse Steve Schultz for Fountain Valley School Board. Anybody who knows me well has likely heard me singing the praises of Coach Schultz on more than one occasion. He is a two time teacher of the year and was my former basketball coach at FVHS. So much of who I am today is because of his leadership and wisdom. There is no one who cares more deeply about the well being of our children, teachers, and community than Coach Schultz. Vote for Steve and only Steve in the upcoming November election.

Farouk G. Mansour

Vote Steve Schultz for School Board!

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